Zurich launches a bond to help its clients financially with the renewal of their policies

Zurich launches a bond to help its clients financially with the renewal of their policies

Zurich Seguros assumes a new commitment to its clients as part of its support for society at this difficult time. This is the “Zurich Bond” that will be applied throughout the financial year 2020 and that will help alleviate the situation of many individuals and families. The voucher is intended for private customers with auto insurance and for customers of businesses and SMEs.

The application of this aid package has been approved by the Zurich Group in the face of the crisis caused by Covid-19 and the economic impact it is having on families and businesses. The company in Spain has allocated 30 million euros to this aid.

Zurich Seguros has launched various commitments since the beginning of this crisis: with employees and their jobs; with the market and customers, and with society. Among the main measures are the extension of the payment term to 90 days; the possibility of fractionation without surcharge for businesses and SMEs in up to 12 months; the reinforcement of video expertise; and the commitment for clients with risk life insurance, which are covered if the loss is a consequence of Covid-19. In the social field, various initiatives have been approved to promote the clinical trial led by Dr. Oriol Mitjà and Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, and the development of new models of emergency respirators, among others.

The next step is the Zurich Bond, which consists of financial aid that the client will receive when renewing their policies. The bonus will apply to customers who have not had a claim during the alarm state; and it will start once it is finished. Zurich is even considering expanding this commitment according to the temporal evolution of the crisis.

For Vicente Cancio, CEO of Zurich Seguros in Spain, “the impact of the Covid-19 is tremendous; in the economy and people. Therefore, we want to proactively commit ourselves and help our clients to pass this period in the best possible way ”.