Aid to buy a car 2021. Plan Moves

Aid to buy a car 2021. Plan Moves

This year is considered a good time to save when buying a car. Above all, taking into account the grants that are already in place.

The Moves Plan returns once again as part of the economic aid offered by the Government, to encourage the replacement of traditional vehicles with plug-in or hybrid electric vehicles. The validity of the new Moves III Plan will be until 2023, however, the Moves II Plan will continue to coexist in parallel.

¿What you should know before requesting help buying a car?

The management of the plan will be done by the autonomous communities and cities. These will be in charge of making the corresponding calls. But the truth is that aid for electric cars is a reality. Thus, the priorities are estimated to the following:

To municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants: to whom an additional 10% help will be provided, both for the installation of charging infrastructures, (you may be interested in reading how to install a charging point at home) and for the purchase of vehicles for part of people who are registered in those municipalities.
For people with reduced mobility: for those who will be 10% higher.
To self-employed, taxis and VTC: the plan also includes higher amounts for those who buy an electric vehicle that they use to work.

Requirements for the purchase of a vehicle in 2021

The requirements for grants to buy 100% electric vehicles (includes electric SUV):

Deliver a car over 7 years old to scrap it. Otherwise, the amount is reduced to 4,500 euros.
The purchase price of the new electric car may not exceed 45,000 euros, or 53,000 euros if it consists of 8 or 9 seats.
All this also applies to the cases of plug-in hybrids with more than 90 kilometers of approved autonomy (very few get them). However, in the case of plug-in hybrid cars and SUVs, as long as their approved electric range is between 30 and 90 kilometers, the following may be given:
The maximum grant of 5,000 euros when a car over 7 years old is scrapped. Otherwise, the aid will be half, 2,500 euros.
The purchase price cannot exceed 45,000 euros.

Helps to buy electric motorcycles

In case you decide to opt for the purchase of an electric motorcycle, these will have a subsidy of up to 1,300 euros. And in the case of companies, the aid will be 750 euros, if it is an SME.

Helps to buy electric vans

If it is about the purchase of electric vans, we can speak of a subsidy of up to 9,000 euros (in case the old vehicle is scrapped), and up to 7,000 euros, in case it is not done.

Finally, take into account that if you were to benefit from any of these subsidies, you must include them in the taxpayer’s income in 2021 as capital gains.