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Zurich Náutica: the best protection for your motor boat or sailboat.

We are specialists in insurance for pleasure boats and therefore we only insure boats on the 7th list.

In our agency we are proud to have several clients with pleasure boats in the ports of the Canary Islands and also in the Peninsula who have chosen us as an insurance agent. The reason is essentially because we offer a highly personalized service and inform the client of everything that can happen at sea and what are the best ways to insure your boat.

If you plan to insure your boat it is a good idea to keep in mind several points that can help you choose the best insurance and the best coverage. We have also prepared this section for you on our website, which obviously does not dispense personalized consultation. Each boat and each client has their specific needs and the solutions must be studied individually: only in this way can we guarantee that you have the correct coverage and that you are not paying for something you do not need, but that you have the correct coverage …

Zurich Nautica: insurance for boats and their modalities

Zurich Náutica is the insurance response you need, which guarantees your safety at sea and the integrity of your boat. Sail calmly, protected from any unforeseen or breakdown. And when you go sailing, just enjoy the waves, the wind on your face and the horizon that always awaits you …

The answer to your needs:
  • Assistance at sea 24 hours 365 days a year

  • Automatic coverage up to 200 expandable miles with maximum protection.

  • Compensation for partial breakdowns at replacement value to new regardless of the age of the boat.

  • Possibility of contracting the English conditions (Institute Yacht Clauses) for all boats whose insured value exceeds € 20,000.

  • The value we insure is the real value of the boat, not the new value, which simplifies the hiring and lowers the price of your premium.

  • You can contract with or without a franchise and choose between several franchise options.

There are basically two types of Civil Liability contracts:
  • the mandatory (only covers damage to third parties, up to the limit established by law – Royal Decree 607/1999 of April 16);

  • and the volunteer, who guarantees the boat’s own damages. A franchise (that is, a deductible amount, payable by the insured) may be applied to voluntary insurance.

In order to attend to possible accidents, it is necessary that the skipper that governs the boat is in possession of the corresponding title that enables it to do so (PNB, PER, etc.) and that it has passed all the inspections required by the competent authority and that it has documentation necessary to navigate. The navigation radius that is covered in the policies is agreed in each one of them.

Only those boats on the 7th list can be guaranteed, which are intended for exclusively private and recreational use (with motor or sail propulsion), and are therefore excluded from this modality those used for other purposes (professional , such as fishing for sale to third parties, sports, etc …)

The usual thing is to assign a value to the hull and the keel; and another to the engine (or to the sails, declaring them one by one). Normally, these values have to coincide with the replacement costs of such goods. At the time of contracting the policy, it is very important not to forget which are each and every one of the rigging and accessories that are not attached to the helmet (except in the event that its assurance is not desired), since -if it occurs the wreck- the insurer will not be liable for any damage incurred.

“Spanish Clauses” Vs. “English Clauses”

In addition, there is another distinction, which is applied depending on which clauses or stipulations are applicable: the so-called “Spanish clauses” and the “English clauses”. Even though its origin was not the current one, nowadays it is usually considered included among the first ones any policies written in our country.

However, the latter have – with a few exceptions – a broader framework of guarantees, and were originally written by the Institute Yacht Clauses in London. The practical difference between the “Spanish clauses” and the “English clauses” is that the English clauses allow you to agree on a value for a ship. The Spanish do not, they take the venal value of the boat.

If the opportunity exists, it is always better to take out insurance with English clauses.

Zurich Náutica ofrece la posibiliad de contratar las “clausulas españolas” o las clausulas inglesas (Institute Yacht Clauses) para todas las embarcaciones cuyo valor asegurado supere los 20.000€.

Damage caused by the following contingencies is usually guaranteed: shipwreck, jettisoning (the action and effect of throwing loads into the sea and other things that weigh on the ship, when it is necessary to lighten it, so that it does not perish due to the storm), stranded, stranded, collision with a fixed or floating object, temporary, sinking that is not due to poor maintenance of the boat, theft in a guarded and closed place, and malicious acts of third parties. Among the notable exclusions of coverage, it is worth mentioning -among others- the damage caused to the sails torn by the wind, detachment of outboard motors, faulty maintenance of the boat, purely mechanical breakdowns of all kinds, serious negligence, breakdowns caused by leaving the ship anchored in beaches or coves without assistance, etc …

Let us also note that in the event of total loss, caused by a breakdown covered by the policy, compensation is usually paid for the venal value, deduction made of the value of remains, which will always remain in the possession of the insured. In the event that the accident occurs abroad, the insured can go to one of the damage certification entities (called Commissaries of Failures -they are the experts in the Transport and Ship Branch-), who will deal with process the corresponding valuation and send it to Zurich.

Service Guide: By hiring Zurich Náutica you will receive the Service Guide and your Client Card with which you can benefit from a wide range of services designed exclusively for you: rental skipper, boat cleaning, boat transfer, port information and information meteorological …

Documentation and infringements

According to Law 27/1992, of November 24, on State Ports and the Merchant Navy, it is mandatory to have proof of the insurance premium for the current period on the boat, it will prove its validity, provided that contains at least the following specifications:

    The insurance company that underwrites the coverage.

    Sufficient identification of the insured vessel.

    The coverage period with indication of the date and time when its effects begin and end.

    The indication that it is the compulsory insurance coverage.

This documentation must be on board the boat. If required by the competent authorities and such documentation is not found on board, the policyholder will have five business days to justify the validity of the insurance to them. The navigation of recreational boats that are not insured in the established way, will suppose a serious infraction in accordance with the provisions of chapter III of Title IV of Law 27/1992, of November 24, of State ports and the Merchant navy.