What is the best life insurance for me?

What is the best life insurance for me?

It is always a good choice to take out life insurance. But it is true that there are multiple options to choose from in the insurance market and that probably make you wonder: what is the best ideal life insurance for me?

The function of life insurance is to protect and provide for your family when you are no longer there, either to cover a mortgage loan or simply guarantee their quality of life.

The choice cannot be made the first time. It is best to compare the coverage and benefits of one and the other, and even know how to collect life insurance if necessary.

So, good advice is key to avoid getting a policy that does not suit your specific needs and those of your family. In this article we want to solve your most frequent doubts about this topic so that you can take out the insurance that best suits you.

What life insurance to choose and what should I take into account?

As we have previously said, you must seek not only good advice, but also be attentive to the details involved, and read the fine print on the policies well.

We explain what are the best types of life insurance in Spain:

1- Life insurance and mortgage and loan

What is it for? This type of policy allows you to ensure the payment of a loan or mortgage that the person who hires you has acquired, either in the event of death or permanent disability that prevents you from continuing with working life.

The objective is that the relatives or beneficiaries can cover the pending debt. In this way, no one will inherit the debt.

2- Classic life insurance

What is it for? This insurance offers different options for policyholders, depending on their personal, work or family situation.

Coverage includes death, and you have the option to also include permanent disability. Thus, the insurance guarantees the person that their relatives or close friends who depend on their income will be able to continue with their lives on an economic level.

3- Life and disability insurance

What is it for? This policy offers coverage in the event that the insured has been permanently disabled and cannot continue with his working life, or has died due to an accident.

Although anyone can take out this insurance, it is adapted for independent people seeking to maintain their rhythm of life or economic stability. It is a good alternative to evaluate and make forecasts at an early age in the face of any external circumstance that prevents future income generation.

At what age can I hire?

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 (approximately) can take out life insurance.
Although it is not the most usual scenario, the ideal is to get life insurance between 23 and 30 years old, since at this age it is the best time to start thinking about the needs of the future, and include in the Budget this type of services that are of great help in the most difficult moments.

Other additional tips to choose the insurance that suits you

To choose a good insurance, it is also advisable to verify the added value offered by each policy, such as the included services.

Any of the Zurich life insurances offers a series of additional services, which can be very useful:

  • Online will.
  • Digital life.
  • Telephone advice for death.
  • Advice and succession management.
  • Medical orientation.
  • Nutritional guidance.
  • VIP services.