Zurich Decennial

Zurich <span>Decennial</span>

Designed and crafted for protect from damage and loss, both to developers as builders, that may occur during the course of the construction activity, provided it is the construction of a new building intended for householdsOfficescolleges or malls.

This class of insurance offers coverage against:

  • Fire, explosion and lightning strike;
  • Theft and robbery;
  • crystals;
  • Rain, flood, wind and hail, as well as floods of rivers and streams, provided they are of exceptional intensity;
  • Design or approach error;
  • Defective jobs, among others.

This type of insurance offers coverage for those who are promoters of work , as well as the builders of the same, and subcontractors are also insured, avoiding all kinds of problems between the parties involved, in case of that a sinister happens within the work.