Zurich Life

Zurich <span>Life</span>

When it comes to securing your life you have to be with the best:

Zurich Insurance Company is a solvency leader according to the Bloomberg Financial Information Agency.

Discover some of the guarantees of Zurich Seguros:

Cover your family’s real expenses when you can’t do it: children’s studies, debt settlement, medical bills …

In case of serious illness we will advance you up to 150,000 euros.

Online will service * at no cost to clients. The best way to help your loved ones when you are missing.

Life insurance tailored to your financial situation

With Zurich Seguros you will find the type of life insurance you need, keep in mind that your family will have your quality of life in the event of any unforeseen event that you may suffer and you will obtain financial security for your retirement.

Life insurance Zurich Life Complet
We help you to follow your standard of living in case of permanent and absolute disability or, if you lack, that your family maintains its purchasing power. We also advance you up to 150,000 euros of the insured capital in the event that you are diagnosed with a serious illness. And free additional services.

Life insurance for women
Did you know that if one of the two spouses lacks the other control as a widow’s pension only 52 to 70% of what their partner earned? Discover the advantages of the Zurich Vida Complet life insurance to guarantee the stability of the family.

Life insurance Zurich Life Complet Express
Thanks to this life insurance you will receive the payment of the contracted capital -between 30,000 and 90,000 euros- in the quickest and easiest way possible in the event of death or disability – permanent and absolute. Less paperwork and all the protection.

Zurich Life Insurance Guarantee Loans
If you have a mortgage or credit make sure that no one inherits your debt. The life insurance Guarantee Loans of Zurich are responsible for any eventuality, death or absolute and permanent disability.