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Are you looking for a good insurance for your trip?

It is a special time to share with family or friends.

A well-deserved and awaited rest throughout the year.

Too important not to protect it properly.

Advantages of purchasing this international travel insurance:
  • Medical assistance coverage: ARAG will provide you with all the most appropriate medical equipment and services to assist you wherever you are

  • Luggage coverage: In the event that your luggage is lost or damaged, this insurance has the most complete coverage to recover it and compensate you for its possible loss

  • Accident coverage: If a serious accident or kidnapping happens to you, ARAG uses all means to protect you in these cases

  • Repatriation coverage: In case of death or hospitalization that requires your transfer to Spain, these coverages guarantee repatriation and its cost

  • Delays coverage: If during your trip you suffer any delay or change of reservations, these coverages guarantee you a financial compensation for the damages caused

  • Legal coverage: Being legally protected during a trip is very important. With these coverages your rights as a traveler and consumer are guaranteed

 ARAG Travel Insurance Limits
  • Medical and health care: € 150,000 / 250,000

  • Maximum dentist: € 250

  • Maximum companion stay expenses for hospitalization of insured abroad € 1,200 (€ 120 x 10 days).

  • Convalescence of insured in hotel: maximum € 1,200 (€ 120 x 10 days).

  • Home help: up to € 120

  • Shipping of forgotten or stolen items: up to € 120

  • Delay in the delivery of checked luggage: up to € 120

  • Theft and material damage to luggage: € 700/900

  • Loss of keys: up to € 120

  • Legal defense guarantees: € 3,000

  • Travel delay in transport departure: up to € 200 (€ 50 for every 6 hours)

  • Personal accidents due to death or disability: € 25,000 to € 60,000

  • Civil Liability: € 50,000 to 60,000

The entire cost is covered in guarantees such as:

Repatriation or transportation of the wounded, sick and deceased

Repatriación o transporte de un acompañante

Early return due to death or hospitalization of a relative or due to serious accidents at home or premises