Zurich Civil liability

Zurich <span>Civil liability</span>
Are you looking for insurance for your business or commerce? With Zurich, you have it

Pay only for the coverage you need

In addition to general civil liability, we offer you the coverages that best suit your business. So you will pay only for what you need.

By your side 24 hours a day: With Zurich you will have a 24-hour assistance service, computer assistance and up to 6 hours of the trade handyman service.

We guarantee your continuity: If your business stops due to a loss, we assume your losses until the period you have contracted.

Why do companies choose Zurich?


Emilio, Restaurant I hate dealing with everything related to insurance and its complex processes. With Zurich, I hate him less.

Fast and cheap

Mario, Clothing Store I don’t have much interest in reading the fine print. Zurich makes it clear to me what I need and what I don’t.


Jose, Plumber Online coverage in 1 minute, at the lowest price, with an insurer with 125 years of history … easy decision.