Zurich SME

Zurich <span>SME</span>

Zurich business insurance offers the best coverage and services for the safety and protection of your business and employees.
Among other advantages, Zurich Seguros small and medium business insurance covers: material damage, transport, stoppage of activity, machinery breakdown, civil liability, urgent repair service, legal defense …

Zurich business insurance coverage

In addition to adaptability in coverage, among which we highlight the theft guarantee, with Zurich Business you will enjoy other advantages:

  • Free computer assistance * in your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Service valued in the market at more than 2,000 € / year ** that includes: online technical assistance, data recovery, backup …

  • Free technical support for mobile and tablet *, includes: configuration and customization of mobile devices, email and network configuration, download, installation, uninstallation and configuration of applications …

  • Payment facilities for your business insurance

  • Maximum flexibility of contracting your insurance.