Zurich Communities

Zurich <span>Communities</span>
Community insurance for you

Community insurance from Zurich Seguros offers all residents a wide range of contracting possibilities and maximum coverage to cover all needs.

  • Glass breakage.

  • Water damage to community assets and private assets.

  • Theft damage.

  • Accident coverage for Community employees.

  • Damage caused by atmospheric phenomena

Community insurance that leaves you in the best hands

Whether you are a homeowner or the administrator of a community of Owners, trust your safety in Zurich Communities insurance, a decision with which all the neighbors will agree.

Insurance coverage for Zurich communities

Securing your community with Zurich Communities is a good option.

For its extensive coverage and guarantees

Damage Warranties

  • For water to community assets.

  • By fire, explosion, lightning strike, vandalism, flood, atmospheric phenomena, smoke or soot, shock, impact and sonic waves.

  • For spillage of automatic fire fighting installations and fuel spillage.

  • Glass breakage.

  • Electrical damage.

  • Aesthetic damage: aesthetic recomposition of the room affected by the accident when it is not possible

  • Find materials with identical aesthetic characteristics as the damaged ones.

  • For rescue.

In addition to…

  • Community employee accident insurance.

  • Civil liability.

  • Bail and claim.

  • Desescombro y demolición, desembarre y extracción de lodos.

  • Temporary disability.

  • Temporary disability….

  • Furniture transfer.

  • Replenishment of documents.

  • Robo y expoliación.

Due to its contracting possibilities:

Optional Guarantees

  • Water damage to private property.

  • Civil liability for private water damage.

  • Defensa jurídica.

For the services it offers:

  • Connection service with repairers, installers and professionals.

  • Surveillance in case of loss.

  • Locksmith shipping.

  • Nurse assistance services, caretaker, medication delivery and ambulance in case of accident of community employees.