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Are you looking for a good insurance for your car? With Zurich, you have one to suit you.

We offer you four levels of protection so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • To thirds
  • To third parties with crystals
  • To full third parties
  • Full of risk

And to make sure you have the insurance you want, you can customize and extend the level of protection with some optional coverages.

What does Third Party insurance include?

These are the basic coverage of our third party car insurance:

  1. MANDATORY CIVIL LIABILITY If other people are injured because of you, we cover bodily harm you have caused them up to € 70,000,000.
  2. ESSENTIAL 24H TRAVEL ASSISTANCE If your car breaks down, we fix it on site or tow it up to 200 km.
  3. ESSENTIAL ACCIDENTS If you have an accident and become disabled, we pay you the insured capital.
  4. ESSENTIAL LEGAL DEFENSE If you have an accident and need a lawyer, we will assign you one without limit of expenses or choose yours up to € 1,500.
  5. FREE CHOICE OF WORKSHOP If after an accident, you need a workshop, you can choose the one you prefer within a radius of 200 km.
  6. NETWORK OF COLLABORATING WORKSHOPS If your car is damaged and you need to fix it, we have more than 800 collaborating workshops with exclusive advantages.
What does a Third Party with crystals insurance include?

All previous “Third Party” coverage plus:

crystals If a stone jumps and cracks the windshield, we repair or change it for you.

What does Full Third Party insurance include?

All the previous coverage of “Third Parties” + “Third Parties with crystals” and also:

  1. THEFT (For example: if your car is opened and your sunglasses are stolen, you will be covered up to € 300.)
  2. FIRE If your car partially burns, we pay you to repair it.
  3. ATMOSPHERIC PHENOMENA AND HUNTING ANIMALS If hail dents your car, don’t worry, we pay you to repair it.
  4. VALUATION AS NEW If your car is stolen, we pay you a new car of the same value as yours for the 3 years following its first registration.
What does a Comprehensive Insurance include?

All the previous covers of “Third Parties”, “Third Parties with Moons” and “Complete Third Parties” and also:

  • TOTAL LOSS If you have a total loss without a third party involved, we pay you 100% of the value of the car from its first registration during the first 3 years.
  • OWN DAMAGES WITH OR WITHOUT FRANCHISE If you dent your car with a column, we pay the repair or the corresponding part depending on whether or not you have franchise.
  • OWN DAMAGES WITH FRANCHISE If you want more protection at a reasonable price, you can add a franchise of € 200, € 300 or € 600.
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